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Nicholas talks about the reality of his experiences of first making big money from trading (closing 5-figure and 6-figure trades). How it changed his life at the time, what he has learned as a professional trader and changed since then. Unlike what you may see from other traders claiming to be successful in the markets and showing lavish lifestyles. The reality can often be very different. ▶️Watch more about Nicholas' experiences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW5lNwnagDA&list=PLnLi8MK-orCHbuwOik3ur6onED8GoWOMz&index=2 - - - - - - - - - - 🔥 Subscribe to The Duomo Initiative 🔥 Free lessons and insights about trading, investing, economics and more. http://bit.ly/SubscribetoDuomo - - - - - - - - - - 📈 Learning to trade? Join our FREE course & learn the foundations of our method. 📈 http://bit.ly/FreeDuomoTradingCourse Featuring 10 easy-to-follow lessons, interactive activities, quizzes and more! - - - - - - - - - - 🗣️ Want more daily trading support? Our FREE Market Selection Service has you covered 🗣️ http://bit.ly/MarketSelection You’ll receive a short video at the start of our trading session, explaining which market we’re following and why. - - - - - - - - - - 💡 The Duomo Initiative provides engaging and straight-forward financial lessons and courses through our online school. Find out more at http://bit.ly/DuomoSchoolTrading 💡 ▶︎ Instagram: https://instagram.com/duomoinitiative ▶︎ Twitter: https://twitter.com/duomoinitiative ▶︎ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/duomoinitiative ▶︎ Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/sk/podcast/the-duomo-trading-podcast/ (available on most major podcast platforms).
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W. Brandon Heidel (3 days ago)
Hey man, I just came across your video on here. This was a really great way to just simply spread some truth, and I can see several of your points you made in my emotional journey of learning to be a trader. Thank you, and I look forward to watching many more of your videos and learning from you in the future! Take care.
apyt100 (5 days ago)
10:00 another trick is "alligator arms" where a person pretends to reach for the check but never makes it
Jordy Gonzalez (5 days ago)
I don't speak english, But I want to tell you something.. the money is awesome when is a medium but is fucked when is the end, the empty will be there.. and the money won't fill up it.
Priyan P (6 days ago)
Very genuine talk. Thank you for sharing
Shemar Roberts (9 days ago)
The reason you think this way is because ur humble...
Kazakman 777 (13 days ago)
see money as numbers.
Gunga Din (18 days ago)
take it from this day trader of futures its hard..takes money to make money
ol102jg (22 days ago)
I think this video should be included at the end of your trading course, it is sobering. Now almost two years on a time to make a follow up video perhaps? :)
Veera (11 days ago)
I lost lot of money and time in trading. I would be better man with out trading. Trading is most horrible mistake in my life. God created trading to torture the traders.
Jordy Gonzalez (5 days ago)
Your account feed other accounts, thanks :)
Ben Suthers (1 month ago)
I've watched this video twice and it totally makes sense from start to finish. Money can lose it's value and life can become depressing. Thumbs up
Ridzuan Yahya (1 month ago)
Hi Nicholas... I have to say, your videos come across as very honest to me. I have signed up to your lessons. Hope to learn lots from you.
RJ amalaMalta (1 month ago)
Hi im from Malta, hope you liked it here. Just started trading and i know am good at it however my problem is finding a broker i can trust knowing i can be a winner. By the way there will always be that emptiness inside no matter how much money you make. The reason is because only Jesus can fill that emptiness.
Momentum Stocks (1 month ago)
I knew a dr from the US that took $50,0000 to over $5 Million in US stocks 2003-2008 Bull market. I did not believe him at first but he showed me his brokers account. It was true. He went in all in one stock. The right stocks obviously. 200-500% gains on each one. Only made about 5 trades. He was all in CROX. It announced poor earnings/ guidance. Dropped 30% overnight. He was all in over $5 million. I told him to get out. He said it would correct and go back up...BIG mistake 3 months later I got back in touch. He got out with $2million. I hope he retired. I know that $3million loss really hurt him. Understandable. He took huge risks at the right time and got lucky. Simple as that. I knew trades in the tech bubble that made millions. Stocks would jump $30+ in a day. 100% in 2 months. 1,000%+ per year. It was the tech/ bubble. The stock market has never been as good since.
Veera (27 days ago)
Josh Johnson (1 month ago)
I love his personality, this is the first video I’ve watched from your channel and definitely will not be the last.
Flashboxingtv #MPDKSAB (1 month ago)
Great video bro great video
bro am not being gay but your a good guy man I like you 100
Magafe Man (1 month ago)
Kerim Kerimov (2 months ago)
after i made my profits i walk away from the screen and live life i will take your word 💪 inshallah we will all be happy ❤️.
Zdravko Ganov (2 months ago)
"Money are important!" Bullsh*t "WE" made that. Imagine if you don't have to pay nothing just doing on someone favour like imagine if you don't have to pay rent or buy something when you are going to the shop... Money are useless. We are thinking like this our mind is puting on priority not someone else. And thank you for that video! Believe in youself and don't let the money obsess you!
TraviansLittleHelpe (1 month ago)
Zdravko Ganov if we have communism money is worthless, if we want to be free without all living on a farm - money is the way.
Jon Tamiyasu (2 months ago)
Darn spell check...meant Young not what first posted
Jon Tamiyasu (2 months ago)
That’s very Wise for such a You g Gwasshoppa (as David Carrisine in Kung Fu would say! Lol). I made my 1st $1M’s by selling a start ups I created. When my wife (now ex wife) called to say I can buy that Ferrari but but it don’t don’t lease it...I felt “why do I want a Ferrari?!” I realized what you’ve said here! It was a very depressing day actually. I learned $$ wasn’t going to make me happy yet I counted on it to do that for me! Happiness is an Inside job...within Us! Thank you for this video!
Whatarethose 132 (2 months ago)
neil x (2 months ago)
This was really inspirational man I got my first earning today in real money after taking courses and practicing for months let’s see if it works , I’ll keep in Mind what you said.
Nayan Mipun (2 months ago)
Everybody talks about the general ideas which we already know nobody talks about the exact method
traffic rider3 (2 months ago)
Min Li (3 months ago)
The more money u get there more problems 💯
Max Lee (1 month ago)
@Min Li been there done that, was homeless sleeping Rough for 2 years, worse having no money dying on the Streets in winter time.
Min Li (1 month ago)
Max Lee I had money but lost love and missing the time with family 😢
Max Lee (2 months ago)
Works both ways, less you have more problems.
Cristian Washington (3 months ago)
Shiiii even when I’m rich I’ll still be trading 😂
Claudia Aquino (3 months ago)
Thanks for sharing!
Fabio Sangiorgi (3 months ago)
Great video. But money is also important. Just think of how many other people you can help with it
Greg Hernandez (19 days ago)
Ideally that's what we'd do
MrLoui74 (3 months ago)
I like you man.😊 If I were gay, I would like to be your boyfriend and we could trade together. 😄😄😄
Quy Nguyen (2 months ago)
A Huss (3 months ago)
Ur fucked 😂😂😂😂😂
Jonathan Ferraro (3 months ago)
Wow. Way to make things gay
Lawrence L. (3 months ago)
98% of these comments and viewers will still fail at trading. That's just the reality of this game. Only the absolute top killer 1 or 2% of traders will make all the bulk of the profits.
oh yeah yeah (1 month ago)
Demetrious '5'3 MIDGET' Johnson I know forex is way easier, but why are stocks more popular? Is it the big companies like Apple and amazon that brings more traders to stocks, I actually wanna know I don’t know why forex isn’t as popular
Lawrence L. We don’t do options or any of that complicated bullshit. We stick with forex pairs, metals and crypto buddy.
Lawrence L. (2 months ago)
@Demetrious '5'3 MIDGET' Johnson That's a wide spectrum of profit...."5-6 figures"...that could range anywhere from $10,000 to 999,999. May I ask what do you, or those other guys, trade and how? What's your average hold time per trade, and % profit margin? Me, personally, I day trade options on the S&P 500...that's the only thing I trade and monitor...I have been doing it successfully since 2010.
Lawrence L. That’s where you’re wrong. I know a good group of traders that make 5-6 figures a year from trading and stay lowkey. There’s a lot of us out there.
girl got her bills paid off and dumped dude
afox78 (3 months ago)
Omg you look just like my father in his young photos from the 1960s -70s before I was born 🤭😮wish I could post a photo. Lol. Anyway I’ve only been trading a few months , I’m under the PDT rule still but I feel the trading addiction, on weekends I feel myself waiting for Monday to come 😬
Harsh Boricha (1 month ago)
Do not trade patterns then !! Only trade after you have backtested everything ! And breakout pattern do work so..that's one thing I m sure of hope it helps
Jeffrey Cloete (3 months ago)
This is by far YOUR BEST VIDEO EVER..appreciate the honesty ..Wishing u all the best in your future,and current, endeavours! !
Jason Jay (3 months ago)
Very honest. Fully appreciate this video
Dannosuke25 (3 months ago)
Well it really depends on what your problems are. If your problems are financial money would fix them.
Linda S (3 months ago)
What kind of trading do you usually do? Forex, day trading, etc?
Sibabalo Luqhide (3 months ago)
How Long have you been Trading and how much did you lose on your first trade?
Manos Seferidis (3 months ago)
I have a tip; get some hobbies
oh yeah yeah (4 months ago)
Wow I related to this video at an extreme, I’ve started trading about a month ago on my laptop and I haven’t been able to sleep since I know I can make good money at night as well, it’s a very strong addiction
LookHereLookListen (3 months ago)
Oh yeah yeah haha yup. i have to stop myself from opening up MT4.
Chenzy (4 months ago)
Exactly, I've been trading for 6 months now and trading is all I think about!
Grace Kelly (4 months ago)
how much u started out with and how much u make?
weshakeandbake (4 months ago)
Wow, fantastic video. Really honest, very rare in an industry that is filled with scams and cowboys. Very few talk about the money side truthfully, Thanks for taking the time out to make this video. Can you recommend another video of yours that is similar to this? Loved it.
Carlos Arruda (4 months ago)
Been trading since 10/17 and I'm quite happy with £200 - £350 per day. Not every day off course.
Nayan Mipun (2 months ago)
May we know the method please?
Lawrence L. (3 months ago)
Grow and compound your trading...to make 1,000 per day on average...then 5,000, then 10,000....do you think you can do and manage that,
Carlos Arruda (4 months ago)
@Paul JIT accidentally actually! eToro was my first broker. Started on CFDs with them on crypto currencies. 17/11/17 a $200.00 trade on XRP at $0.24 seen a return of just over $3.000.00 on the 03/01/18 when XRP hit an all time high at over $3.45. I have introduced this to a very good friend of mine and he found himself another broker at the time, IG. He then introduced me to spread betting and it just took off from there. Oh, i must apologise as the £200.00 to £350.00 is per week, not per day. I still hold a current day time job but it's in my plans to move on to full time trading as I know now I can do much better, if I had the time to be glued to the monitors. Last trade two days ago GBPUSD entry at 13075, £3.00 per pip and target at 13275. £600.00 in a days work it not bad. But I must say, it takes a good few mistakes, second guessing yourself, moving stop losses about and take profits about, it takes discipline not to get attached to money, it was a headache for the first 6 to 9 months. You just need the mindset that you lose some and you win some. It's part of the game. I am more focused now on my entries and I only put a trade if I'm confident enough. Before SEC changed the rules, we needed very little equity and oh man, I was in love with SCALPING! £150.00 in a few seconds was happy days, but it did go against me quite a few times. The best you can do is educate yourself, ONLY invest what you can AFFORD to lose. Open an account with IG, use the demo to practice. But be ware. Play money brings no real emotion to the game. When you actually put your own money it's a completely different mind game. Have a good strategy, and most important RISK MANAGEMENT. Start with them pairs that you can start at £0.5 PP. Stay away from big pairs that go up and down by 100s of pips and then, gradually start building up equity and confidence.
Paul JIT (4 months ago)
carols Please brief me how do you start?
Normancon (4 months ago)
See I think you're doing it wrong. You put the value on the money, not the experiences you can have due to it. My 10 year goal is to buy a boat and sail. I love sailing and trading seems like my way to get there. The point is I know what I enjoy but just need the money to actually do it instead of trading for the money solely.
The Diplomasta (3 months ago)
I have a 1988, 27 foot newport mark 2. Has an awesome 2-cyl. diesel in it. You can have it for free. Just come get it. The storage is killing me.
Normancon (3 months ago)
@Graham Number7 Hah, my father just got his 2nd or maybe 3rd replacement battery for his iPhone 4s. by $10 bonus it was yearly also haha. Not expecting anyone to be happy with a big-mac meal for a raise because the CEO gave up his salary. When it comes down to it, it tends to be perception of the issue. Then there is also the Moody Mary idea. I have seen people stuck in a job for years and someone else bypasses them in months. For me it suddenly becomes a struggle to understand their constant complaining as justified and possibly the problem to their inability to advance. You are absolutely correct with large companies. Its really up to the people in the line to uphold the companies reputation since the high ups are so out of touch. When an airline gives great service for something that went wrong I try to remember the person that helped and not necessarily equate it to the company as a whole. Although still ensuring that increases my viewing of the company in some meaningful way. I can't rag on apple too much either before or just after Jobs' death. They had a good pace going and he kept them honest and innovative. Its unfortunate that they took such a protective stance when they had the momentum to stay at the top. The same protective and scummy stance that caused me to move away from their product. I would guess that's why prices go up with every model. They need to make up for lost customers to keep their share holders happy. Status items have always made me laugh. Its like owning a Lamborghini because you can (or because of the way it makes you look), not because you enjoy the raw mechanical power of it. I mean, to each his own but I'm still going to laugh at him. Ohhhh, the dept. I'm glad I pay more attention to American news then Canadian haha. If a large war does not kick off in the next 20 years due to Russian or Chinese imperialism over their neighbors or due to the total cultural collapse of the western nations due to regressive leftist policies, I honestly see the US economy crashing harder then 2008 OR a total loss of confidence in the currency. Honestly I'm hoping for the former and that the Canadian dollar weathers the storm as well as it did last time so I can take advantage of the amazing property values (Unfortunately I was too young the first time haha). Ironically its a terrifying prospect for the fiscally responsible to have the dept "forgiven" (or forgotten) since that could be their investment out the window while dept holders walk away with a free pass (I guess that's not necessarily 100% accurate as everyone would take a hit). I honestly think that trump won because he talks his mind with a minimal filter. People can trust what he is saying is what he means and is not meant to decisive them like what it appeared Hillary was doing, or what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been up to lately. It was too funny watching media try to slander trump when the stuff they were saying was either noticeably false or obviously twisted. The US is almost a bastion of hope for a logical western world without the idiocracy of identitarianism. Which in itself is hypocritical and authoritarian. Don't get me wrong, I don't enjoy some of trumps policies but his nationalistic views (which arn't a bad thing) and willingness to own up to what he says instead of apologizing just because someones feelings were hurt is a pretty big flop on current politics and is honestly a nice change since we have to deal with the cluster fuck that is raging globalist SJW Trudeau. Now I'm just ranting about politics. I get a lot of interesting reactions from people who realize their are talking to an early 20s guy who can have a rational conversation about stuff. I find it very enjoyable to see and understand the arguments of other people but most on the internet are not willing to oblige. They insist on ad hominem attacks instead of defending their own points which is a surprisingly large opening for a funny rage quit on their part. Too much fun can be had pointing out the hypocrisy and inability to defend ones point while enforcing your own. Honestly at this point I'm not sure which of the overly emotional generations I would rather be part of. Maybe a can lie a few years ahead and catch onto the "cool and hip" gen-z train haha. Personally I have always enjoyed the Hunter Cruiser/Racers in the range of 33-45ft. Enough to do what I want without being too big. Not to mention the hunters are just sexy. Something about the way they look compared to any other. Probably to do with the windows or something, maybe the shape of the hull.
Normancon (3 months ago)
@The Diplomasta I personally enjoy relying on the environment (not as a envirofreak, Just enjoy being self-sufficient) when I'm out. I take a couple 3-6 day backpacking trips into the mountains a year and personally love it. After a few trips sailing and a few trips on a standard diesel boat, I much prefer the entertainment of the skill required to said over pointing the boat where I want to go. Also thanks for commenting as I totally forgot to reply to Graham haha. EDIT: What kind of of sailboat and are you willing to sell? haha
The Diplomasta (3 months ago)
I have a sailboat. You do not want a sailboat. What you really want, is a big diesel boat. Trust me.
Graham Number7 (3 months ago)
@Normancon Haha, Just got my new replacement battery for my less than 2 year old I-phone 6, I need a DIY fix for that 800$ marketing masterpiece (apple USED to be no 1) yes defo there is a difference between aircraft manufactures and starbucks or apple (the 380 had several parts made in different EU countries) I like your take. One point though is the often quoted distribution of 1 persons wage to the entire company. It 1st assumes every person deserves a 10doller bonus, 2nd it does not factor in Moody Mary in Isle 9 on minimum wage that was rude and unhelpful to 1 customer that then never shops at Walmart again. (a massive loss over time to the company) worth and wealth are very different and misrepresented in a simple way. Really good companies have smaller numbers but of higher quality. It's how BMW and Mercedes have done so well exporting all over the world (The Brits propped up BMW after the war mind you and sold a LOT of everything off to the US to help pay for the war debts) Sony had no backwards compatibility from the PS3 to PS4, so as a consumer I bought Sennheiser PCX550 headphones that are up there with the Sony ones but Sony shafted 70 people+ that had broken units (all in the same place) and refused to admit a problem - a company that size doesn't care. So Sennheiser got my money and so did several other companies on my 3K PC build. Swings and roundabouts. All because the PS4 didn't run PS3 games. I think you are bang on about Apple, I was converted after my N95 died after years of great picks and a decent phone to the next shit modle to the I-phone 3 (Great) since then as you say it seems to be a status thing which I don't like. I will never buy designer clothes and pay over the odds to advertise someone else's product, it's just the same for me and it's unfortunate people really get suckered into that for "Status" when personally I think they are advertising (to me) that they are not that bright (haha that will sure piss off a lot of people with that oh so important crocodile on the Tshirt) each to their own I guess. I will pay more for proven quality but clothes...generally I mean there are many tests where its just as you say the "Status" thing. What is your take on US Debt? who pays in the end? many say there will be a big reset and a massive crash, some even predict a manufactured "Incident" and a big red reset button that will not be funny for anyone in the world. (Hillary was poking at Russia so no wonder Trump won lol) I followed the elections and if Trump is hated so much by the main stream media, maybe draining he swamp IS what the people want.. we will see. Hillary is a crooked woman for everyone to see though AND shafted Bernie (whaaat) A lighter topic, what sort of yacht are you aiming for my friend? Greetings and friendship from over the pond! All the best to you and family. Clearly you can discuss with maturity and we can have opinions that may not always agree, but it's our generation of talking and not a face shoved into a "Smart" phone for the illiterate "Emoji" generation of today :-) that sets up apart. Sailing is fantastic isn't it :-) I have been to a fair few countries during my military time and i'm thankful for the experience.. I didn't loose my love of the sea and some of the great people that use it and understand a lot more about life because of it.
Choto hasin Rahman (4 months ago)
Not sleeping for a thing that will give you results is fine to me
Alessandro Estrella (4 months ago)
Great video. Thank you for the honesty.
Stellar Fervour (4 months ago)
Once you have gain the opportunity to be flexible, start living your life and trade off your phone!
Alex Kace (4 months ago)
its harder to do that because you cant read the charts. what you would have to do is use a laptop or tablet
alcapone212 (4 months ago)
Find a girlfriend who trades :-)
Alex Kace (3 months ago)
@afox78 where at girl :)
afox78 (3 months ago)
Women do trade! Even daytrade lol
Alex Kace (4 months ago)
@Niyi Boots women naturally want to be taken care of and they want an easy life!
Alex Kace (4 months ago)
@Niyi Boots you blew my mind that is correct, like the women surrounded by dan berzalian. overall name a women who is President or CEO or name a women who works at Starbucks. a lot easier right?
Niyi Boots (4 months ago)
@Alex Kace I sure this show about sugar babies sugar daddies. Thier's this guy who give this girl $5000 a month imagine, for a good time. When they go on holiday all expenses paid, takes her to business trip. The issue is she complains see it in her mannerism, cannot control the man. Subject matter aside she's in the presence of a multimillionaire, instead of her to ask him how amass her own wealth, cannot see the broader picture. Find a girlfriend who trades LMAO.
LookHereLookListen (4 months ago)
“ seeing money as just numbers “ can’t wait till i feel like that
Pongo Bongo (4 months ago)
nice video mate, appreciate it!
Learn To Trade JA (4 months ago)
The reality is that binary options is better for traders who have small amounts to invest.
jablkova strudla (4 months ago)
I don't know if it is because I have never had a lot of money, but I can't see myself buying expensive cars and watches and stuff. Simply being able to afford something does not seem like a good enough reason for me to buy stuff I don't need. I am researching trading at the moment. Trying to educate myself before I begin with it. And I'd like to have it as a source of income so that I wouldn't have to work in a big corporation with stupid policies and sitting in an open space cubicle with no air and zero freedom. I just hate corporations. Can't do it anymore.. I'd like to ask you: How did you educate yourself before you started trading? Could you recommend some resources or steps to take for a beginner? Thanks
OH NO (4 months ago)
Babypips is the way to go, i’ve been using their course for 2 months. It’s free too.
Scrambled Donuts (4 months ago)
apex128 what? Paper trading uses no real money, there is no risk with using simulated funds...
apex128 (4 months ago)
@Scrambled Donuts No such thing as 0 risk
Scrambled Donuts (4 months ago)
Books = life knowledge Plenty of explanations online, find videos explaining basics, terms, patterns, trends, accounts/broker options, fees. And then watch the market when it opens. Apply your new knowledge, test the waters and build your own method from paper trading which has 0 risk.
EyeBuyWebsites (4 months ago)
Ancient knowledge calls it "The Deceitfulness of Riches"
YourTommy (4 months ago)
Trading to me is having the freedom to do what you want and when you want. You don't get that with a 9 - 5. Having time to spend with others and family. Treat them and make there lives better.
Thomas Crown (4 months ago)
Once I got lots of money I went on 6 vacations in the first year, bought a decent car, and moved to a nicer place. I always remind myself to be grateful however I am not 2x more happier than I was when I didn't have lots of money. 3 years into being financially free I am kind of bored with traveling now and just want to trade and make more money. If I had one "tip" for you is to always be working on yourself. Read ONE personal development book a month no matter what.
shawndale Hunter (4 months ago)
@Thomas Crown can you assist me?
Thomas Crown (4 months ago)
@LookHereLookListen That's great man. Stay disciplined with your risk management strategy. I made and lost millions because I was stupid. I made a boat load of money in crypto because i bought in 2013 - 2016. I only started taking my trading seriously 1 year ago after the big crash. I still have decent amount of money left but now I know how markets and TA work. Just keep studying and you will get there.
LookHereLookListen (4 months ago)
Thomas Crown How much capital you started with? I’m a college student and been trading for 4 months ( successfully 70% win rate)
L4WNY (4 months ago)
That'll be the coke that makes ya open up about personal things!!!!!!!!!!! 😁🤣
Baz (4 months ago)
Your obviously fair dinkum, any trading advice? FX? daily, Hourly? At least because of your testimony, it's obvious you are the real deal, Thanks
Alex S (4 months ago)
Hey man I'm really curious if you could let me know, you say trading started as a hobby, and eventually you got a job as a professional trader, trading for a bank. I thought it was way more difficult than that, meaning you had to go through schooling, get certified, and all that to really get a good job with a top investment bank or hedge fund. Can you explain? I've been trading myself for a month and I've been somewhat successful and I'm very curious for myself. I get different answers everywhere.
I didn’t trade for a bank, I think there’s been a misunderstanding there. I worked in private banking and wealth management. That means you’re sort of like an investment advisor and helping people manage their assets. Getting that job had nothing to do with my trading (although it may have helped my application), it was more to do with my university degree and education/work background
Screechez (4 months ago)
When trading can you make 20K then take a break from trading or do you have to do this everyday?
Roshane Reynolds (4 months ago)
Once you know what you are doing you decide your profit for the month
agnaeus (4 months ago)
thank you for this, was eye opening.
7ys (4 months ago)
How much would 90 quid get me eh
MinisBub (4 months ago)
It depends.
Kirk Arnold (4 months ago)
I agree what you said about money I think the main thing is to have enough money to live comfortable without a lot of pressure to pay our bills. But having a big excess of money I don't think would make that much difference either. Thank you for your input and your honesty.
CatyyL (4 months ago)
I just wanted to stop by to leave a comment on your last seconds of video. If you lose one more, I will be here for you xD The way you analyse life is exactly what I believe every person should be like, but it's actually rare to see. Congrats Nicholas
Phronesis Media (4 months ago)
hahaha i see youu
Steven Rogers (4 months ago)
Agreed. If anything it makes life harder. Not only do you want to make more money , but you see how "easy" it is and don't EVER want to go back to doing a job for someone else making peanuts :P
kim gysen (4 months ago)
How about you just keep compounding without changing your lifestyle too much? I realise that must not always be an easy thing to do, but freedom comes for me number 1, and there is a certain treshold when you could say this is enough? E.g. what is supplementary above that treshold you could put in a portfolio of safer deposits that earn 5 - 10% annually, and keep trading for fun and compounding into safer investements. I am certainly not there at all, but that's what I would imagine to be a good strategy (?). Then you can also calculate a percentage for yourself to spend and stick to it, like e.g. freelancers would do.
Quantex Systems (4 months ago)
I had the exactly same experience. To keep your self at the edge and track you need bigger goals than money. If your ultimate goal is money, you will get it eventually and loose the way. If you have bigger goals money will never be enough. Especially if you involve yourself in politics and changing the world. :)
Brandon William (4 months ago)
Hey there, judging from you comment I think im alright to assume you are an experienced trader, if so may I ask a quick question? im not gonna ask how to trade or what your secret is but I just need your professional opinion on what you think is the best call for me to do in my current circumstance.
Mubarak Mukasa (4 months ago)
I think after I get that money I would venture into helping society and the disadvantaged in Africa
Mubarak Mukasa (4 months ago)
I thought money is the solution but no, maybe its about enjoying one day and one trade at a time
Edward B (4 months ago)
I only bought a Ferrari after I made 10million trading. Once you make money you don’t want to spend it.
marcus l (4 months ago)
only 10 mil?
Steven Rogers (4 months ago)
Edward B sooo true. You don't want to waste your precious capital :)
AMIT KADAM (5 months ago)
What broker do you use... I used ava trade but they are not returning my profits and m so disappointed..dont know who to trust and who not to.
LegendOfButter (4 months ago)
Thinkorswim tdameritrade or tradezero
max lank (5 months ago)
Yea but when you have that money you also have access to great healthcare that the average person doesn't which is probably more important than anything else
max lank (4 months ago)
Not general healthcare no but if you have a severe or rare problem where you need surgery or ongoing care and get extremely expensive @Brannon In HD
Brannon In HD (4 months ago)
healthcare is not as expensive as you're making it out to be
peter eias (5 months ago)
sorry but beautifull accent
TheKoaBoy (5 months ago)
You are probably the most genuine trader out there Nicholas. Brilliant stuff thank you brother!
ItsRauben (5 months ago)
How did you learn how to trade ?
mr mustang (5 months ago)
My first video i saw of you... I can honestly say you come across like a really nice human being. I kinda understand what your talking about (kinda) my goal is to buy a house outright. I'm from down under Australia. Cheers mate!
great, looking forward to seeing more of that content
Future Wei (5 months ago)
Good and honest, I like it, but maybe u can help others in need with the money.
Future Wei (5 months ago)
Blockchain island
Mostafa Freiwan (5 months ago)
What do you think... Witch better crypto trading or forex
Thomasthegreat (1 month ago)
Thomas Crown good job bro! You called the bull run
Thomasthegreat (1 month ago)
Michael Thomas LOL GOOD ONE
Michael Thomas (4 months ago)
@Thomas Crown I don't think so. BTC is dead signalwise.
Thomas Crown (4 months ago)
Crypto is bottoming out and about to go on a MASSIVE bullrun. I would jump into crypto personally. However the technical analysis principles you learn will apply to both financial markets.
Esujin Kuular (4 months ago)
crypto's volatile and spreads are monster. You better stick to fx if your cap is below 5k.
FERNANDO ALVAREZ (5 months ago)
Can you teach me
We have plenty of videos on this channel for you to learn with.
Day Dreamer (5 months ago)
Thanks for the honesty, whichever prior video I watched they keep showing their achievements (cars, babes, holidays and mansions) which always appeared to be a bit too much to digest but you look like a read deal.
Hood skin is good skin (5 months ago)
Everyone should take a year of working on themselves and learning to be happy took being homeless to realize what you have lol life’s a bitch but I didnt need materials to feel happy❤️
Hood skin is good skin (5 months ago)
I feel your pain i started with 70$ made 9 bucks so far lol but I am up 24/7 reading charts watching more taking information reading trading book
Cameron McFall (5 months ago)
Well depending on how long it took you to get that 9 dollars you could really be onto something, remember trading is exponential, think of things in percentages, not actual dollar amounts. 9 out of 70 is roughly 12 percent, so if you used maybe $1000 instead of 70, and had the same growth, 12 percent of 1000 is 120 dollars. In other words if you had made the same trades with 1000 dollars, you would have gained 120. Past successful doesn't garentee future success, but you're actually doing really well. Getting 1000 isn't actually as hard as it sounds, I was able to get about that much after working for about 2 months.
oso savage (5 months ago)
Monetary wise it might not seem like much but that’s over a 10% return!
Alex S (5 months ago)
Whoah bro you need to slow down you have an addiction!
Bo Swansen (5 months ago)
The curse of new money. Once you start to achieve baller status is when you can start putting that money to work to make the world a better place, at least in your eyes. Networking and gaining influence can be very expensive.
Project Newsense (5 months ago)
Solid story man. I've definitely become a hermit through my trading. It's crazy how easily you can fall into unhealthy habits.
Adrian Fundescu (5 months ago)
Laptop opened in bed....something i know about;-)))
fernando alvarez (5 months ago)
Would teach me
Shahbaz Sheikh (5 months ago)
I can so relate to this guy. You can tell his story is from the heart.
Alif Fahmi (5 months ago)
You mentioned about trading being lonely. Wouldn't it be better if you had a group of friends/traders in the first place?
Ravi Oliveira (5 months ago)
He needs more treaders and rich friends. They would know how he think about money.
Michael Chavez (5 months ago)
Nice video, I like the honesty. I am just starting to get into the market where is the best place to learn?
ramsey553 (5 months ago)
Also bro don’t ever buy signals or courses there tons of information for free online on forex good luck
I might be biased but we have lots of free content for you to get started here!
ThatTURK1 (5 months ago)
Lmao bro you dont know how to spend money, I wouldve spent that shit literally in a good 10 min.
roberto borroni (4 months ago)
@ThatTURK1 Oh ye thats very true aha, tbh i think im the same as you. I would love to buy lots of expensive clothes, cars and houses lol. Ye he seems like the type of guy not to spend lots on luxury items
ThatTURK1 (4 months ago)
roberto borroni lol yeah I thought of that but honestly if your into collecting luxury items thats when I could think of spending a lot of money but Im guessing hes not into that or hes not rich enough to get into that for example Im into cars and i could think of 5 cars off the top of my head I would buy that would cost over 1 mill. Obv thats not smart to do but were talking about just straight up buying things without any limitations
roberto borroni (4 months ago)
@ThatTURK1 Or maybe he has already bought all the luxury items he wants and has ran out of what else to buy aha
ThatTURK1 (5 months ago)
Alex S thats not what im talkin about tho. He has money he has set aside as trade money and as disposable income money but hes saying he cant spend his disposable income because he doesnt know how to spend it on luxury items.
Alex S (5 months ago)
True but when you start trading you will understand. Off every winning trade you make a percentage of your investment, so every dollar you spend is .50 cents you won't make.
Jim Cuddy (5 months ago)
SashaXXY (5 months ago)
When my family was in poverty, I thought that I just needed to study and get a job. When I got a job, I thought that I just needed to save. When I started saving, I realized that without investing, taxation and inflation would erode away my savings. When I started investing, I realized that government spending was out of control and their monetary policies were utter madness. And now I'm just wondering how this story ends... perhaps having something to do with poverty...
SashaXXY (5 months ago)
@Sam B I don't pretend to like it but periodically the idiots in charge decide to waste good bombs on you useless barbarians and then shower you with foreign aid afterwards. And it isn't going to stop any time soon. So get over it and fuck off. Be thankful that we send the aid. We won't stop sending the bombs. That part actually has some justification.
Sam B (5 months ago)
@SashaXXY bla bla bla ,,, no one wants you to interfere, just stop looting the earth and stfu, lmao yankees pretending to care about others is so hilarious
SashaXXY (5 months ago)
You're right. I think the US needs to stand by and do exactly nothing as Russia and China take Venezuela over and enslave everyone there. There's still plenty of room for them to serve as yet another example of what happens when you implement a socialist government that runs its country into the ground and then keeps borrowing until everyone is destined for a lifetime of bondage. Too bad I don't make the policies.
Sam B (5 months ago)
@SashaXXY Venezuela's problem has nothing to do with debt you fool, Venezuela has the biggest oil reserves in the world, a reason why yankees and neandearthals like you europeans want to take over and ruin it like you did to most of the world, again, read more economics, you know nothing yet and what you talk about is laughable
SashaXXY (5 months ago)
@Sam B LOL! Feel free to tell Venezuela that government debt isn't a problem. Just tell them to print more money!
rocketmansapprentice (5 months ago)
Really humble stories. Thanks for the video.
Shervin Nasrin (5 months ago)
Thank you for this video, this is very helpful and although there’s a lot of negative points, I’m extremely inspired by this video :)
Hermes Araujo (5 months ago)
When trading, control and discipline are absolutelly necessary...
Kacper Ruta (5 months ago)
Hey man, I know having a lot of money can be tough. If you’re ever struggling let me know, I can take some of that pressure off your back by taking money from you.
Abdulhak Hassan (5 months ago)
Hi I found this video very helpful 👍🏼
DTate888 (5 months ago)
Very neat to hear honest opinion. Though I do say, I was left "wanting more" .. more of a conclusion! Maybe you didn't mean to be too philosophical but I think that's ultimately what it gets down to. Like you know, What is your purpose in life? Personally I want to try to know God and do what's right, so I try to let that guide me. Of course, trading can feel selfish, so I struggle with that sometimes. May God guide us all into how to be who we should be. Take care!
Marijan 530 (5 months ago)
DTate888 hello, I appreciate your opinion, and I think of it as a really good way of thinking, in my experience people of faith are more satisfied with life because they feel guided, not alone, and meaning to everything. I do not believe in God, although I know the Bible very well, and know a lot of people who believe in God, with who I talk sometimes a lot about the topic. It is just the cruel chaos in which we are all living in, is what does not fit for me into the bigger picture. Despite of that, AL the badness I've seen Is just too random and bad to believe in something divine what would be omnipotent and all that. I honestly appreciate you and your opinion. Thank you for that.
DTate888 (5 months ago)
@Marijan 530 Hey I appreciate it and I likewise try to have respect for all people more and more as I go about my life. I think you nailed it as far as calling it "people of faith" because it definitely takes faith. Though perhaps less than some people seem to suggest though. One thought on that: there is an interesting little Bible verse that I tend to like about this topic, see what you think: "...And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him." (it's from book of Hebrews, feel free to look it up for more context if you want, but i think it stands on its own pretty well). But just like we try to respect others, i think believing in God begins along those same lines perhaps: you have to respect God, or at least believe He is a good being, as you press forward by faith to try to apprehend who God even is and how we should live. So I think when people believe God is violent or archaic or useless or uncaring -- then it is no wonder they have a hard time believing in or enjoying anything about God. Very logical I think, but perhaps not stated plainly as often as it should be. But I think about that a lot. Feel free to let me know your thoughts further, no pressure of course. Sorry if I am a bit long winded :P But I hope you have a good one, take care
Marijan 530 (5 months ago)
DTate888 hey thanks for your reply, I want to clarify that I respect all people with faith, and I think it is a good thing, although I believe that God does not exist
DTate888 (5 months ago)
@Marijan 530 Hey , thanks for the reply. Feel free to elaborate if you want to start up a conversation or not. Have a good one
Ashfaq Sheikh (5 months ago)
Nicholas Puri Hands down this is one of your best videos. I can relate to your saga. Trading is actually a lonely occupation. Great insights about the worth and value of money or the lack thereof.
Roy Tapia (5 months ago)
Thank you for sharing. I feel the exact same and my trades don’t close that much, but even from a smaller account value, the ambition and loneliness is still the same.
Neosum (5 months ago)
Even if money doesn't buy you happiness, it does pay the bills. It puts a roof over your head, a very nice roof. One less thing to worry about is better than having one more thing to worry about. To me, that's a win in itself.
Thanks for that, you come across as really honest in your experiences in life.

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