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How to Lead Change Management

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DeAnne Aguirre, senior partner with Strategy&, discusses techniques that can help companies transform quickly and effectively. For more insights, read "10 Principles of Leading Change Management": strategy-business.com/ChangeManagement.
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Wade Cortez (1 month ago)
Are you Searching for online courses just google search as "Zoe Talent Solutions".
1234qwer (1 month ago)
As a chemist interested in management topics, its always so confusing to understand management concepts, everything seems so ambiguous and abstract
Spencer Thompson (5 months ago)
Good instructions. It seemed geared to middle size and large companies. What about small conpanies?
Amjad mankind (7 months ago)
excellent and good support
sandra Jamerson (9 months ago)
This helped me understand Change Management a little bit better. Thank for sharing.
Informed Workforce (10 months ago)
We need to change change!!! https://spark.adobe.com/page/mPlWxePbF1Ove/
bankole dada (1 year ago)
Beautifully preseted
Charles Shirley (1 year ago)
Too much innishg-ative without power-dization!
Michael Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Great content- thank you!
Keith Caravelli (1 year ago)
DeAnne Aguirre, this is an outstanding presentation of leadership and change management. I am very impressed and would think any company that is fortunate to have you onboard for change initiatives would be very lucky indeed. Great stuff. Thank you. I'm preparing for an interview this week for a position on Organizational Change Management. This helps validate my thoughts on the topic especially with respect to Culture and Organizational Values.
HITEN SHUKLA (1 year ago)
God only can understand what you said!!
Thomas Pop (8 months ago)
pshh no I most certainly am not God!
smi deer (1 year ago)
Worth watching
Jean Letourneau (1 year ago)
Interesting, but can you really LEAD "change management"" ? If you really LEAD, change becomes natural and you don't need change manangement? Do you?
1983krizz (1 year ago)
Whats up with the spooky music?
dirtydogdisco01 (10 months ago)
scary stuff innit
Keri Grygienc (2 years ago)
Wonderful video. I love the points made about why change initiatives fail and poor organizational change management!
jimmme5880 (2 years ago)
Brief and great! Thank you.
Walter Doell Wegermann (2 years ago)
Just love it! Thanks for sharing! One of the best videos I've ever seen about Change Management
DJ OG Smoove (2 years ago)
Great, This so true.
Joyce Scales (2 years ago)
Well stated and very helpful video. Thanks
Carolyn Ormsby (3 years ago)
That was worth watching. thanks
Blake F (3 years ago)
tom fox
Love this!
Julie Palmer (3 years ago)
Excellent! Perfectly said.
Ronnie Turner (4 years ago)
Cole tustin = best tustin
Ronnie Turner (4 years ago)
business ftw. ^This. ye lol
Jamie Weon (4 years ago)
Hey cole bro, How you doing bro
E. Daniel Karjala (4 years ago)
This is pretty much the same advice I give clients and/or firms that have a client and need Business Transformation and Change Readiness help.  I always speak to the 3 legs (process, people and technology) but focus on a fourth leg associated with all (esp people) and that is culture (overall and local as well is micro to a local).  Culture always trumps all if not well studied, understood and engaged.  Great video and begs for more discussion and practical experiences and application.  Thank you!
Aurélie Buta (7 months ago)
Hello Daniel, I am in the process of starting a consulting entity specialising in innovation, change and agile mentality. Based on your comment, you appear to be an expert on the topic - would you have a piece of advice for a postgraduate wishing to enter the industry? Many thanks
Harald Schirmer (4 years ago)
thanks for the comprehensive video - very helpful!
Ian Berry (4 years ago)
The term change management is a dead. People management is dead. We must lead change and manage the systems and processes etc Having said this well said and excellent content
Aurélie Buta (7 months ago)
Hi Ian, would you mind breaking this down a little further? I am more interested in the "manage the systems and processes" part. Thank you
Bobbi Ysmael (5 years ago)
Bernie Karlowicz (5 years ago)
Great thoughts!  Thanks for sharing!

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