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Welcome to Exchange Server 2019! - BRK2176

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Exchange Server 2019 releases at the end of this year and we want to tell you about it! Come and learn what's new in 2019 and how our engineers changed the way they build the software. We talk about the features from the cloud we've added to on-premises, and tell you why this is the most reliable and dependable version of Exchange ever. Will we reduce disk IO AGAIN? Maybe. Will you be able to take advantage of bigger servers with more processors and memory? Perhaps. Will we finally make Exchange PowerShell easy to use? Unlikely, but it's worth coming to find out, isn't it?
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Gustavo Domínguez (6 days ago)
For once I'd like to watch a Microsoft keynote that shuts up about "The Cloud" and focus only on presenting the bloated software. Furthermore, it appears Microsoft equals The Cloud with Azure and only Azure alone ignoring completely the fact that an on-prem infra *is* "a cloud", and, there are other "clouds", or more appropriately "Public Clouds" where a potential customer could choose to deploy Exchange and by limiting the feature set and availability they're being not only anti-competitive/monopolistic, just plain d**ks. Whenever you want to believe and trust Microsoft to make an investment they pull something like this, two to three times a year now, it seems. 😔 On the plus side, Exchange is horribly bloated so cleaning it up should do it good.

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